Our fall gymnastics schedule is ready

We have published our Term 1 (Sept 6, 2022 - Jan 31, 2023) schedule! Online registration is now available in our online registration platform ( We are trying a few new classes this year, including adaptive/inclusive classes, morning adult classes and seniors classes, Kindergym Level 2 (for kids too young for the older classes but whose skills are more advanced than beginner Kindergym kids), designated Intermediate classes (they had previously always been combined with beginners), and age-specific classes (we had been lumping ages 5 - 14 together and then dividing them up, but this year we are trying narrow age groups in some classes right from the start). We still have opportunities for your large family with a wide range of ages to all come at the same time. Please see our schedule here:

Term 1 2022-23 Class Offering
Download PDF • 56KB

And register here:

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