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Updated Covid Protocols March 11, 2022

Chilliwack Gymnastics and Dance Updated Covid Protocols March 11, 2022

Temporarily Suspended Activities: There are no activities suspended due to PHO orders.

Now no capacity restrictions for Birthday Parties: Recent reopening is allowing us to run our birthday parties with no restrictions on the numbers of adults or children. Vax Passports are still required for any adults who are staying. Children need to be signed in. Masks optional.

Do not attend if you have any symptoms.

Gymnasts can come to a make up class at a later date. Dancers may join by zoom. Ask for instructions.

Hand Hygeine:

Please wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after classes.

Directional Arrows: Please enter through the main gymnastics entrance, and exit through the birthday party room/ dance entrance.

Please No Spectators: Although we will no longer as you to leave, to reduce crowding, we request that parents do not watch classes. Exceptions:

1. Child needs you for emotional support. 2. Child needs assistance such as for parent-and-tot class.

3. Feel free to watch the first class or two until you are all comfortable. Please only one adult. Do not come with other family members unless you have no other option.

Masks Masks are now optional in the gym, foyer, and for birthday parties. We are asking that masks continue to be worn in dance classes until Saturday, March 19, matching the timing of schools. This gives each dance class at least one time to discuss whether they wish to continue with masks, and we ask that people respect the wishes of any other families who are not yet ready to have everyone take them off. Masks will be optional in dance classes beginning Monday, March 21, according to what each class decides.

Gymnastics Classes will end 5 min early. Next class wait in couch area until your turn.

To help separate the classes to reduce exposure, students will be dismissed 5 minutes before the end of class so they have time to get shoes on and wash hands before the next class starts. Next class please wait until the area in front of the cubbies is clear before passing through.

Proof of Vaccination (BC Vaccine Passport) Required until April 7 at midnight: Proof of vaccination is required for adults 22 years of age and older participating as students in dance or gymnastics classes. Proof of vaccination is required for audience members 12+ at dance performances.

Proof of vaccination is required to watch your child in gymnastics or dance class (spectators age 12+).

Proof of vaccination is required to attend to your child in Parent-and-tot class or Kindergym class.

Proof of vaccination is required to supervise your child in Drop-in Gym time.

Proof of vaccination is required to attend or host a birthday party (adults 19+).

Proof of Vaccination Not Required: Proof of vaccination is not required for children or youth under 22 years of age participating in dance classes or gymnastics, trampoline or cheer classes, birthday parties, or school field trips.

Proof of vaccination is not required for paid staff.

Capacity Limits and spacing requirements Capacity limits and spacing requirements were removed Feb 17, 2022

Spotting: Gymnastics

coaches may spot students.


Plexiglass remains in place at the front counter.


Staff will sanitize all equipment, doorknobs, and other high touch surfaces regularly.

Ventilation: We will endeavour to provide ventilation through open doors and exhaust fans except when too cold outside.

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