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Colorful Birthday Party


Sit back and relax while your kids enjoy playing at the gymnastics club or dance studio.

Our gymnastics and dance birthday parties are almost two hours of pure fun for kids, and pure ease for parents!

Download free invitations here or drop by the office to grab some.

TO BOOK: As of April 1, 2024 all parties are booked online here.

Birthday Parties: Welcome

What’s included in your gymnastics birthday party

Kids get almost two hours of free play in the gymnastics facility or guided play from our coaches (upon request).

Our gymnastics facility includes balance beams, a trampoline, foam pit, slide, swinging rings, Tarzan rope, maze, climbing wall, tumble tracks and more.

Our gymnastics party room has a fridge, freezer, microwave, sink, table, chairs, candles and a cake knife. We do have some dishes on-site, but we recommend that you bring your own plates and cutlery. Bring your own decorations or use some that others have left behind.

Days and times when gymnastics parties are offered  - check availability online here)

Summer times may be different. Times are shown on our registration site. Link here.



  • 11:10 AM - 1 PM


  • 3:10 - 5 PM

  • 5:10 – 7 PM

  • 7:10 – 9 PM



  • 1:10 – 3 PM

  • 3:10 – 5 PM

  • 5:10 – 7 PM

  • 7:10 – 9 PM



  • 9:10 – 11 AM

  • 11:10 – 1 PM

  • 1:10 – 3 PM

  • 4:10 – 6 PM

  • 6:10 – 8 PM



As of April 1, 2024, all parties are booked online. To give your deposit and secure your time slot, it is best to check availability and secure your spot yourself on our registration portal here. If you need help you may call the office at 604-795-6009 to have office staff do this for you and take your payment over the phone, or come in to give cash or debit. As always, no spots are booked until the deposit is received.


Birthday Parties: Text

What’s included in your dance party

Room with a full-wall mirror, dance floor, costumes, stereo system, table and chairs. Bring your own drinks, food, plates and decorations.


A dance instructor will attend and can teach dance moves, a choreographed dance (you can request ballet, jazz, hiphop or another style) or play dance games, or you can simply plug in your music and let the kids experience free dance in a fun, open space.

The downstairs party room is not available for dance parties,

The gym is not available to dance parties.

Days and times when dance parties are offered


  • 2:10 – 4:00 PM 


Birthday Parties: Text

We suggest following this timeline to make the most of your time

  • First 15 minutes: set up kitchen/food while kids play in gym or dance room

  • 30-45 minutes into party: serve any food and/or cake

  • 30-45 minutes before end of party: open gifts. You may use gym floor if you are having a gymnastics party.

  • Last 15 minutes: tidy up the birthday party room or table while kids continue to play.

  • Last 5 minutes: allow staff to clean the kitchen/food area while kids continue to play.

You are required to be fully out at the end of your time slot so we can welcome the next birthday partiers!


Birthday Parties: Text

$170 for up to 10 kids, and $12 for each additional child.

We charge for every child who is using the equipment, but not for babies in arms or those crawling at parents' feet. We do not count adults.


A $50 deposit is required to book and hold your time slot (contributes toward the $170 total.)

Beginning Sept 1, 2024 the price will be $190 for the first 10 kids plus $14 for each additional child.


Birthday Parties: Text


We require a deposit in order to hold your time slot. You will not be given the option to pay the deposit later when booking your party online.

Cancellation policy:
We provide a full refund if cancelling your booking more than 3 weeks in advance. Cancellations made closer to the time will receive credit towards drop-in gym free play time, or any other activity that we offer. No-shows forfeit their deposit. If you cannot make it, please call us at 604-795-6009

Birthday Parties: Text


How far in advance should we book?
We recommend booking 2 - 4 months in advance if you wish to book a prime time. Prime times are late mornings or afternoons during the fall, winter, and spring. Late evenings are not as in demand, and summer spots usually do not all fill up. If you need a spot last-minute any time of year have a look at our registration site! You never know, even during peak season sometimes we have prime spots available. 

Birthday Parties: Text

All parties taking place after April 1, 2024 are booked solely online. Go here.
A minimum $50 deposit is required. Your party is not booked until the deposit is paid.  Call the office at 604-795-6009 if you need help.


Birthday Parties: Text
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