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Young Gymnast


See below for instructions on how to register for classes at Chilliwack Gymnastics and Dance.

Please contact the office at 604-795-6009 with any questions or to register by phone.

We hope to see you soon!


Step-by-step guide

  • Go to our registration portal by clicking any registration button on our website.

  • Create an account if you don't already have one. If you are registering children, create the account using the PARENT'S information. Then go back to your account to add students. This will allow you to sign your kids up for our classes.

  • Go back to the Chilliwack Gymnastics and Dance Amelia page. 

  • Select the type of class you want to register yourself or your child for (ex Summer 2022 Gymnastics Classes).

  • Click the + to expand the category of class you want (ex: Kindergym Summer 2022).

  • Choose to add a session or click the calendar to see drop-in sessions where available.

  • If YOU are the person who will attend, choose your name from the list of possible attendees. If YOUR CHILD will attend, click the child's name or "Add another person" and follow the prompts to add your child to your account.

  • When you select your student another drop-down menu will appear, asking if you wish to pay by installments or pay the full amount. Select "installments" only if you wish to pay by credit card instalments online. To pay at the office by installments, select the full amount but then at a later screen you can select offline payment, generating an invoice for the full term, against which you may make installments offline however you wish.

  • To register for more classes, click "continue shopping" and repeat the process starting from the menu. Do this until you have selected all your classes and students.

  • When you are done shopping, click "checkout".

  • A summary of all associated fees will pop up. Click Next and follow the prompts.

  • Select how you wish to pay: we accept automatic credit card installments or full payment online, as well as offline by debit, credit or cash at our front desk, by etransfer or by cheque. Please note: if you select "installments" the portal will expect an immediate down payment by credit card, plus your credit card will be charged on the first of October, November, December, etc. for the remaining payments. If you wish to pay at the office you need to select "full payment" at the time of registration. (This doesn't mean we require the full upfront amount. This is just the way the registration portal works.) Then at check-out (a later screen), you can select "offline payment".

  • Once all that is done you will either complete payment by credit card or select "offline payment", and your registration should be complete.​

Mandatory fees: If the students are not already current members, your $20 annual registration fee will appear. If you are registering more than one student simultaneously, the annual fee will be reduced to reflect $35 per family. This discount will appear at check-out. Gymnastics BC Insurance: Gymnasts will be charged $42 per year (September to August) for Gymnastics BC Insurance and membership. To avoid paying this for a trial class, please register at the office or select "offline payment". Casual gymnasts (those attending 2 - 5 times during the year) can pay the casual rate of $18.50. In order to claim the $23.50 discount, call the office to have your GBC fees changed to casual rate. You cannot do this yourself.



Come to the office at 8880C Young Rd. 

Google maps may direct you to a residential area, but that is incorrect. The entrance is off Young Rd.


Find us at the very back of the parking lot, past Chilliwack Central Karate Club and Phoenix Appliances and Sam's Flooring. Chilliwack Gymnastics and Dance are in one building and share an office, but have different entrances. During Covid please enter through the gymnastics entrance and exit through the dance entrance.


During the school year we are open weekdays from 9 or 9:30 am to at least 8 pm. Saturday we are open 9 am - 12:30 or 1 pm, and later if we are hosting birthday parties, which is usually the case. Typically we are open until at least 7 pm on Saturdays, and often until 9. Sundays we are closed unless someone books a gymnastics birthday party, which is usually the case, except sometimes in the summer.​ Call the office at 604-795-6009 if you are unsure if we are open.

During the summer we are open 8 am until at least 5 pm each weekday because we have summer camps.

In short, we are usually open.


Call the office at 604-795-6009.

The office staff can take your information and your payment over the phone. 


Email us for a registration form or download it here.


Fill it out and scan and send back. Etransfer your payment to

with a note saying who and what the payment is for. We get a lot of transfers, so it's important to know who it's for. 

No password is needed at our end but if your bank needs one please choose Chilliwack or something easy to answer. 


For information email us at or call the office at 604-795-6009 or call/text Donna at 604-316-1908. Donna can answer your questions but cannot take payment by these methods. If you need help Donna can walk you through online registration or do it for you if she happens to be in front of her computer. Feel free to call or text in the evening until 11 pm. Donna is often up late.

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