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Balancing Beam


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Join us for fun and instruction on the floor, beam, bars, trampoline, and more!

Expect excitement from your kids as they learn donkey kicks, forward rolls, skin-the-cat, and so much more! They will have fun on our rope swing and slide as well. Many time slots to choose from.

Please note: Chilliwack Gymnastics & Dance $20 annual membership required, and $42 Gymnastics BC annual insurance required for gymnastics classes. Discount on GymBC insurance may apply for drop-ins. Talk to the office with any questions.


Birthday parties are back! Enjoy free play for almost two hours! Or, on request, our staff can lead you in games or instruction time. Use the bars, beams, floor, slide, rope swing, and more! 

You may open your presents on our floor, but food is restricted to the kitchen area. Bring your own pizza, sandwiches, cake, or whatever you like. Forgot something? We have candles, lighters, cake knife, dishes, and almost anything you may need, but it is best if you bring your own. Feel free to decorate or leave the last person's decorations up.

Lots of time slots for gymnastics birthday parties, and some dance birthday parties available as well. Book early if you want a prime time slot.

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