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Spring Break Camps and Classes

Gymnastics and dance lasses continue as usual through spring break, except we are closed on Good Friday. Exception: home school classes your winter term ends March 15 and spring term starts April 5.

We do understand that you may be away.

Gymnastics: We do allow you to come on a different day but please book in advance to ensure we have room in the class. Many of our gymnastics classes are full or nearly full.

Dance: We do allow you to come on a different day if the style and age group make sense, but please give us a heads up as some classes are preparing for competition or otherwise not suitable for drop ins. If you know you will be away, we will appreciate a heads up in case that means nobody is coming, in which case we can give some of our classes or soloists some extra practice time or make up time.

In addition to regular classes, we will be having spring break gymnastics camps every weekday of spring break (March 18 - 22 plus March 25 - 28 - closed on Good Friday) for ages 4 - 12. Cost is $48/day for full days 8:30 - 3:00 or $28/day for half days 8:30 - 11:30 or noon - 3:00. Plus Gymnastics BC Insurance and Registration fee if you haven't paid the annual fees yet. Registration is available online (preferred) or at the office.

Note: this means that for daytime gymnastics classes we will be sharing the gym or pulling campers out for craft or snack time or other activities during our usual gymnastics daytime program. Expect it to be busy in the foyer and gym in the daytime!

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